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Storage Tanks & Silos

Storage Tanks & Silos fabrication support offered by us meets the demands of different projects in industry sectors including mineral and ore processing plants, cement plants, sugar plants, steel plants, power plants and others. Here, our expertise lies in making these available in different finish sizes and shapes in steel material grades as per national and international standards. Further, we also ensure that all fabricated parts used in product development are developed using tested plates and sections and are sourced from well recognized suppliers including European suppliers. Erection of static and rotary equipments of all weights at all locations and elevations performing all handling operations like loading unloading, alignment of equipment with and without piping hook up. Kiran group is the main provider of site water cutting services in Australia and New Zealand. In situations where a risk of hydrocarbons being present rules out any hot cutting, we have the capability to use high pressure water as a safe cutting method. Cold cutting is often used for the demolition of plant facilities, providing access to tanks and columns, removing refractory; both internal and external, concrete cutting and scabbling, and surface preparation through coatings removal.


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