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Customization Services

 Customerization is the customization of products or services through personal interaction between a company and its customers. A company is customerized when it is able to establish a dialogue with individual customers and respond by customizing its products, services, and messages on a one-to-one basis. Customerization requires a company to shift its marketing model from seller-oriented to buyer-oriented. The goal is to help customers better identify what they want. Customerization enables companies to have the ability to adapt personalization and one-to-one marketing initiatives for the digital marketing environment. Customerization uses a “build-to-order” mass customization process to deliver a product or service that fits the needs of the customer. It is a critical aspect of the emerging new marketing paradigm.

The word "customerization" is a neologism, defined as the combination of operational customization and marketing customization.
The ability to gather information from and about the customer is an important aspect of customerization. It requires interaction between the customer and the company, to receive feedback, revise and respond. Customerization typically results in improved quality and innovation. Customerization programs have a generic set of activities and a common philosophy, but the specifics of their implementation vary for each unit or organization. Customerization combines mass customization and the elicitation of individual customer demand information by involving customers. It is regarded as the next generation of mass customization.

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